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Prenatal Preparation – Before Baby Arrives

Planning for a baby can take a lot of work, and we can help with simple steps that will help you feel confident. Schedule your complimentary session on how to plan a positive birth.   We offer group and private classes as well.

Postpartum Support – After Baby Arrives

Your baby has arrived and now the challenge of caring and feeding of a newborn begins. Trust Childbirth Concierge to provide breastfeeding support and consultations as well as postpartum doulas, also known as baby nurses, to increase your confidence levels and support you as you transition into a new family.

Doula Services

Committed to supporting you no matter where or how you choose to deliver, our focus is you! Our professionalism paired with our experience can help you create the positive birth experience you want. Birth does not have to be scary, but can be powerful and rewarding with the right guidance and support.

Breastfeeding Support & Lactation Consults

Breastfeeding is mother nature’s perfect and first food for your baby. Do how to tell your baby is getting enough or know why women give up breastfeeding?  If breastfeeding is causing pain or you feel something isn’t right give us a call and allows us to help you have a better breastfeeding experience.

Placenta Encapsulation

Many women report an increase in over all postpartum recovery, decrease in mood swings, increase in milk production, to mention a few. Placenta encapsulation has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.


Articles and tips for a successful and healthy birth