Breastfeed Support & Lactation Consultations

“No doubt I would have given up breastfeeding if I had not reached out and got the expert breastfeeding help I needed”.Kara Gonnelly
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics for 6 months. Solids are then added and continued breastfeeding up to a year or longer based on preference.
Everyone’s normal is different but breastfeeding should not cause stress or be super painful.  By the time baby is 7 days old you should have 6-8 diapers and 3-6 poops in a 24 hour period.   We also recommend as the preferred breastfeeding website that is evidenced based and is a top rated site.
Any time you feel something isn’t right or you feel frustrated you should reach out for help. It doesn’t mean you need a consult, but give us a call often times we are able to help right over the phone. Our experience shows that if we are unable to resolve your issue after 10 min on the phone you most likely would highly benefit from a one on one lactation consult.

A Board Certified Lactation Consultant is considered an expert. There various levels of breastfeeding professionals including certified lactation educator, certified lactation counselor as well as a peer counselor. All are knowledgble in breastfeeding but the IBCLC is the highest level world wide.

Kathy Bradley, IBCLC offers:

  • Office Visits $75 in Winter Garden, FL
  • Lactation Home Visits in Orlando/ Central Florida Area start at $160 (Brevard County $95)
  • Visit includes follow up texting and calls for further support
  • A super bill will be provided to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement

Consults last 1-2 hrs.  During that time we will assess the feeding, address pain,  latch and create a feeding plan based on your challenges. Please  have your baby hungry.  We will also have you  pump and assess if the flange size is correct.  We welcome your support person or team to participate in the consult.

30 minute Skype Session is $30

This is great when you need more than a 10 minute call but not a full hands on consult.


10 minute phone call to ask about your breastfeeding concerns & questions

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30 minute Skype or cell Breastfeeding Session

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1-2 hr Lactation Consult in office

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In Home Consultation (Brevard Cnty $95)

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Keep in Contact

Please reach out to Childbirth Concierge we want to help you have a successful breastfeeding relationship.

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