(certificate of attendance)Certified Lactation Educator Course

Course Description
This course is an excellent starting point for those interested in learning about the process of breastfeeding, and educating new mothers about breastfeeding. This course teaches the anatomy and physiology of the breast, changes during pregnancy and lactation, and prepares the student to assess and provide anticipatory guidance regarding maternal nutrition, initiating and establishing successful breastfeeding, recognizing and managing common breastfeeding problems, and referral to community resources and breast feeding products.

Our Partner Commonsense Childbirth Institute will issue student’s final lifetime Certification ($50 fee) when requirements are met.

Course Outcomes
This course will prepare the student to be able to educate new mother about breastfeeding.

Course Objectives

  • To increase the student’s awareness of the need to promote and support breastfeeding
  • To increase the student’s knowledge of breastfeeding basics, including anatomy and physiology
  • To be able to identify common and complex problems with breastfeeding
  • To be aware of breastfeeding devices and their uses
  • To promote consistency of information given to breastfeeding mothers
  • To encourage a positive approach to breastfeeding promotion
  • To encourage adoption of policies that promote and support breastfeeding
  • To increase the student’s skills in supporting the breastfeeding mother
  • To increase awareness of other groups who are promoting and supporting breastfeeding
  • To encourage communities to work together to promote and support breastfeeding

Course Outline

  • Role Delineation
  • Baby Friendly Initiative
  • AAP Position
  • Teaching a Breastfeeding Class
  • What is in breast milk
  • Helping with Breastfeeding Basics
  • Bias with breastfeeding/Cultural Competencies
  • Common Problems
  • Complex Problems
  • Pumping
  • Weaning
  • Alternative Feeding Methods
  • Knowing your limitations and Community Resources

Certification Requirements

Certification shall be granted to those who choose to complete the requirements below, following the 24 hour training program :

  • Complete the required reading list.
  • Non-pregnant participation in a lactation preparation class & breastfeeding class.
  • Develop a Lactation Education curriculum
  • 30 hours of Internship
  • Co-teach or teach a breastfeeding class
  • Observe 3 Births
  • Two letters of recommendation from Lactation professionals
  • Successful completion of written exam

Fast Track Certification

For students with previous training (cert. of attendance) or other recognized lactation certifications seeking certification through CCI, we offer a fast track program for $210 (additional $45 platform access fee)   This program requires the following for certification:

  • Successful completion of our online course and written exam
  • Develop/Documentation of Lactation Education curriculum
  • 30 hours of Internship including a minimum of 3 Births and 8 hours of teach a breastfeeding class
  • Two letters of recommendation from Lactation professionals

Please contact kathy@childbirthconcierge.com for more information or to register for our fast track program.

Learning Materials & Resources
Counseling the Nursing Mother A lactation Consultant’s Guide-  Fifth Edition Judith Lauwers & Anna Swishers

● High school diploma, GED or certificate from an institute of higher education


Training Dates

Generally the Certified Doula Training Program is offered virtually with a live instructor & On Demand.  We will evaluate as time goes when to add face to face in-person in Central Florida. 

  • Virtual/Online are generally evenings from 7:00-9:30pm EST
  • Traditional Face to Face Courses: Sat & Sun 8:30-5:30pm
  • On-Demand  means you  work through the course on your time and as fast as you need to. email kathy@childbirthconcierge.com

Often we have small group courses running that are not advertised here. Reach out to for more information.

ALL 2024 Dates are currently being offered via On Demand  




Do I have to have any prerequisites to enroll in the Lactation Course?

No there are not.

Is the credential of Certified Lactation Educator regulated at a State or Federal Level?

No it is not. The Training and Certifications are issued by Commonsense Childbirth Institute.

Do I have to move to Florida to enroll in the CCC Program?

No, the uniqueness of this program is the flexibility it offers. We have designed these courses to be student friendly.  We offer Face to Face or virtual courses.

If I live too far away, can I sponsor the Lactation Course in my area?

Yes, we have designed the program for those who have difficulties coming to Orlando, CCI can bring the Program to your
area. To sponsor the LE Program, you must help secure a training location and promote the Program in your area. If 10 students enroll, the “sponsoring ” student’s course tuition is complimentary. A great way to earn certification at reduced rate.

Does CCI help me gain my experience?

Yes, but we do not take full responsibility to provide all your experience.

If I have a friend who is breastfeeding, will working with her count as experience?

Yes, we allow you to count hours towards certification regardless of where the delivery and breastfeeding support takes place.

What if I have already attended another training?

Regardless of where or whom you have trained with you will be required to attend Lactation Educator Course at a Fellowship fee of $210. The Fellowship Student will still be required to meet all CCI Certification requirements, but may count past experience to meet the requirements. CCI will evaluate other Lactation Education Programs on a case by case basis to count.

If I enroll in the Lactation Educator am I officially enrolled in the 3 year Midwifery Program?

No, you are only enrolled in the Lactation Educator Course.