Certified Doula


What Is a Doula?

This is our most popular course and a great starting point for a future career in Perinatal Health. Upon completion of certification requirements you will have lifetime Certification with Childbirth Concierge and the option to also certify with Our Partner Commonsense Childbirth Institute when additional requirements are met. Please see below under Certification Pathways.

A doula is a healthcare professional who provides non-medical support and care through education, guidance and counseling for pregnant and parenting women and families. She promotes a healthy pregnancy and encourages active participation throughout the childbearing year. These non-clinician perinatal providers are trained to work professionally in a variety of settings including private practices, birth centers, clinics, hospitals community settings and homes.

Doulas pay attention to the emotional and physical needs of mothers, while encouraging self-determination and self-advocacy to reach the desired outcomes. In any setting that doulas work they are able to enhance the experience by giving continuous and committed support to the expressed needs or choices of the mother. A doula offers prenatal and postpartum home visits and once labor has begun, is available continuously at the delivery site assisting the parents during the birth of their child. Doulas educate and support women throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum and are able to teach across the life-course as they interact with the whole family during the course of each maternity episode. An accomplished doula advocates, educates and supports a woman, her partner and her family through one of the most precious times in their lives.

Typically doulas create and manage their own private practice or work in partnerships or collectives. Entrepreneurial skills and self-employment aspects of this career path are explored during the training, and peer group and mentoring support is offered after training.

“……[use of doulas] significantly reduced cesarean section rates, forceps deliveries, need for oxytocin, and use of epidural anesthesia. In addition, the presence of a [doula] shortened labor and decreased the incidence of maternal fever.”

Kennell, et al.,”Continuous Emotional Support During Labor in a US Hospital.” Journal of American Medical Association, May 1991 – Vol 265, No 17

Course Objectives

During the training and internship program, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Understand anatomy and physiology
  • Understand process of labor, delivery and the postpartum period
  • Identify obstetrical procedures
  • Demonstrate comfort measures and labor support
  • Understand newborn care and procedures
  • Understand a basic knowledge breastfeeding
  • Develop skills for working with your client & medical staff
  • Practice communication and listening skills
  • Identify specialized and one-on-one care
  • Understand benefits of social support systems
  • Identify impact of racial and class disparities on pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • Understand HIPAA compliance
  • Understand The JJ Way Method.
  • Train students to impart evidence-based information to families and prepare them for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.
  • Prepare students to work professionally in a variety of settings, including home births, hospitals, birth centers, along with medical staff.
  • Understanding scope of practice and code of ethics required by The Commonsense Childbirth Institute.

Certification Pathways

Tuition is paid via Paypal For Pathway A, please email for pre-approval for Pathways B, C & D
Pathway A – Traditional $ 485 – entry level no previous training or experience.  *Note starting April 1, 2022 for CCI Certification you will have the option to enroll in their 6 Month Mentorship Program (additional $400/$67 monthly payments). Total cost for dual certification is $985.

Pathway B – Fellowship $210– previous training, desires CCI Certification ( Must show certificate of attendance from training) Pre-approval is required, attend 16 hrs course and take exam and complete the full internship required in Pathway A. There is an additional $45 Platform access fee.
Pathway C – Experience with no formal training/certification $210-  must have 5 yrs experience – 50 births, 4 letters of recommendation from health professionals and 2 letters of recommendation from clients. This pathway is online/on demand and does not require an instructor led class, but must pass exam. There is an additional $45 Platform access fee.
Pathway D -. Experienced w/ Previous Certification,$150- desires CCI Certification,  3-5 yr experience & 10 birth minimum, 2 letters of recommendation from health professionals and 1 letter of recommendations from clients. (Must show current or expired certification) This pathway is online/on demand and does not require an instructor led class, but must pass exam. T here is an additional $45 Platform access fee.
Both Pathways C & D are fast tracks

Certification Requirements

Pathway A
Certification shall be granted to those who choose to complete the requirements below, following the 16 hour training program:
-Complete the required reading list
-Non- pregnant participation in a childbirth education class and breastfeeding education class
-150 hours of internship, that includes a minimum of 10 births
-2 letters of recommendation from birth professionals
-Successful completion of written exam
Pathway B
Same requirements for Pathway A,  with a discount of training fee and any requirements you have met with your initial training may apply to CCI requirements
Pathway C
Successful completion of written exam
Documentation of 5 years of experience
Documentation of 50 births
4 letters of recommendation from birth professionals
2 letters of recommendation from clients
Pathway D
Successful completion of written exam
Documentation of previous certification
Documentation of 3-5 years of experience
Documentation of 10 births
2 letters of recommendation from birth professionals
1 letters of recommendation from a client
Learning Materials & Resources

Learning Materials & Resources

  • Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, The Doula Book, 3rd edition, 2012
  • Perez & Snedecker, Special Women: The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant
  • Simkin, Whalley & Keppler, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: the Complete Guide, 5th Edition, 2016
  • La Leche League International, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, 7th edition


High school diploma, GED or certificate from an institute of higher education

Training Dates

Generally the Certified Doula Training Program is offered virtually with a live instructor & On Demand.  We will evaluate as time goes when to add face to face in-person in Central Florida. 

  • Virtual/Online are generally evenings from 7:00-9:30pm EST
  • Traditional Face to Face Courses: Sat & Sun 8:30-5:30pm
  • On-Demand  means you  work through the course on your time and as fast as you need to. email kathy@childbirthconcierge.com

Often we have small group courses running that are not advertised here. Reach out to for more information.

ALL 2024 Dates are currently being offered via On Demand 

  • Total hours: 16 clock hours Total Internship hours: 150 clock hours




Frequently Asked Questions

Is the credential of Certified Doula (CD) regulated at a State or Federal Level?
No it’s not. The training and certification are issued by Commonsense Childbirth Institute (CCI).
Do I have to move to Florida to enroll in the Certified Doula Course?
No, the uniqueness of this program is the flexibility it offers. We have designed these courses to be student friendly, allowing the student to come into town for the didactic (in-classroom) portion of the course and then return home to work on their internship, or attend portions via online webinar at the discretion of the instructor.
If I live too far away, can I sponsor a training in my area?
Yes, we have designed the program for those who have difficulties coming to Central Florida. Commonsense Childbirth Institute can bring the training program to your area. For an individual to sponsor a course, you must  secure a training location and promote the program in your area.  Please reach out for additional requirements.
Does The Commonsense Childbirth Institute help me gain my experience?
Yes, if you live in the Central Florida area there are opportunities to attend deliveries. We will also help guide you on how to find additional learning opportunities in your area. The Commonsense Childbirth Institute cannot guarantee internship experiences or placements but works hard to support you through our network.
If I have a friend who is pregnant, will working with her count towards my experience?
Yes, we allow you to count hours towards certification regardless of where the delivery and breastfeeding support takes place.
What if I have already attended another training?
Regardless of where or with whom you have trained with, or if you have not attended a training we offer different Pathways to accommodate you.. Pathway A & B require you to attend our training course meet all  CCI Certification requirements.  Pathways B, C & D  may count your past experience to meet the certification requirements. Commonsense Childbirth Institute will evaluate other Doula Programs on a case by case basis before the student can be considered a fellowship student.
Do I have to pay the full tuition at one time?
No, You can pay a deposit, but the course has to be paid in full prior to the course start date.
Do I have to have any prerequisites to enroll in the Doula Course?
No, but we do require a high school diploma or GED.
What is different about CCI’s Doula Certification Program from others?
Overall our program requires more hands on experience prior to submitting for certification, and there is NO re-certification required. For example, a minimum of 10 births including 150 hours of internship allows for you to get a wide variety of experience prior to certification. We focus on topics during the classroom time that you are unable to gain when out in the field working directly with laboring families. Topics such as – understanding the scope of your doula practice, how to work in collaboration with doctors and nursing staff that may be un-supportive of your role, community based programs, racial disparities, trauma informed care,  understanding why hospitals do what they do, how to help your client navigate the health system, and barriers that face some families. If the student is in the Central Florida area, we guide you to avenues to the births, and experience needed for certification. Access to other birth professionals in a private Facebook group that have certified or are in process of certifying with CCI. Our goal is to provide well prepared and professional doulas in the community.

CCI does not guarantee employment or placement.

Do CCI’s certifications require recertification?
Our programs come with a lifetime certification. No re-certification required.