Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta encapsulation is a process in which, immediately following the birth of your baby, your placenta is dehydrated and ground into a course powder, which is then placed into small capsules just like any other vitamin or supplement taken. Mothers then consume these capsules to help them rebound from the birth, avoid postpartum blues, and boost their milk supply. On average you will receive about 100-125 capsules.


Placentas contains at least 6 hormones and other natural substances that help the body to recover from birth. Some boost immunity in the new mom, some help lower stress levels, and others encourage the uterus to shrink back to size , which can help prevent excessive postpartum bleeding, whiling increasing milk production.


From $200-$245 depending on your location, desire to have tinctures, prints. Your connected directly to our professional to discuss your exact needs.

A deposit is required to contract for services.

  • A deposit is required to engage the service.
  • When you go into labor we ask that you notify us.
  • Once the baby has been delivered we will pick up the placenta and the process begins.
  • We follow Federal OSHA safety guidelines during the process.
  • In about 24 to 72 hours your capsules will be ready.