Trusting your care to Childbirth Concierge is something we do not take lightly. Word of mouth recommendations and testimonials trump marketing efforts any day of the week. Read on about what our clients, doctors & nurses and administrative personal that we work with have to say about Childbirth Concierge.

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“Kathy Bradley provided the highest level of personal service during the birth of our son Jackson. Her knowledge, paired with her kindness and encouragement, were invaluable during the pre and post natal experience. I would highly recommend Childbirth Concierge.” Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Caldwell Group -S.Caldwell
“Kathy was phenomenal! My husband and I could not have been more impressed with her knowledge and experience. Our little girl just didn’t want to come out and my body didn’t want to dilate which equated to 40 hours of labor. After an epidural was needed, Kathy was there guiding the process with position changes even throughout the night. I believe she was instrumental in avoiding a C-section. She was supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. I would also highly recommend her education and lactation services which were great as well! When it comes time for number 2, we will certainly be using her services again!”Erin Jenkins DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
“I called Kathy at Childbirth Concierge one night in tears, I was ready to quit and this was my last ditch effort to make breastfeeding work, thank goodness I did. Kathy came to my home that very night and immediately I knew I could make this work with her support. She confirmed that in fact my daughter was incorrectly latching and the pain I was experiencing was not normal. She helped me come up with a plan to heal my body as well as finally get some rest-and most importantly to make sure my daughter was getting the food she needed. Kathy is an absolute god send, we would not have continued breastfeeding if I had not made that call! The follow up we received was so supportive, calls, texts and even another visit to make sure we were progressing and to help me tweek things along the way. I recommend Childbirth Concierge to anyone pregnant (or even already with kids), you will not regret making this investment in you and your child’s well-being- they are truly AMAZING! “L. Libar, Esq.
Scheduled C-Section: “I’d always heard of women hiring doulas to support them during delivery but didn’t know that I could have similar support for my scheduled C-section, about which I was incredibly anxious. When my husband and I met Kathy Bradley and learned that she could offer us her services, we jumped at the chance. She was by my side in the surgical prep, the operating room, the recovery room, and until my baby and I were taken to our hospital room. Her constant presence and knowledge of every element of the birthing process as well as of the hospital protocol and staff provided us with an advocate who could answer our questions (or knew who to ask to get them answered), watch for signs of my anxiety and address them with the staff, and make sure that our unique needs were being met. Ultimately, it was a small price to pay for big-time peace of mind”. Former Editor of Baby Magazine – Megan Padilla
“I was initially referred to Kathy via my hypnobirthing instructor. It was a wonderful experience working with Kathy from start to finish, and she was familiar with the hypnobirthing approach I had practiced for several months. This was great as she was able to coach me comfortably through labor utilizing this approach. Kathy has an extensive knowledge of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and breast feeding, and she was able to answer all of the questions I had about birth and babies. As a first time mother, I have a difficult time imagining what my labor and delivery would have been like without her support. My husband agrees 100% as well! Her recommendations of how to labor including positioning, verbal encouragement, and use of techniques such as massage helped to keep me on track to follow through with my wishes for a natural birth. She also assisted me with breastfeeding my baby after delivery, and this was extremely helpful! Kathy is also available via phone for questions, and she responds promptly. I really appreciated this as I labored in the middle of the night and needed her advice at a very early hour. Also, my labor progressed quicker than expected and she made it to Winnie Palmer Hospital right away to assist once I was admitted. I am more than completely satisfied with my experiences with Kathy as a doula, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to advocate for their needs and wants.”V. Wojak - First Time Mother
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“Having worked with Kathy and her team for over 14 years, I can attest to her professionalism, compassion, and instinctive nature to work with expectant families as well as hospital staff. Patients whom I refer are always very please with Childbirth Concierge’s Services”.Dr. Mark Bielawny - Orlando, Fl
“As s pioneer in the field of labor support, I can attest to Kathy’s leadership and integrity in training new doulas to be patient, focused childbirth professionals who are respectful of the medical community yet strong advocates for pregnant women . Her longevity in the maternal health field is a testament to her dedication to mothers and babies as well as the development of the profession as a whole”.Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM International Advocate for Women
“Central Floridians are extremely fortunate to have one the leaders in the birth field available. Kathy Bradley brings her 25 years of expertise not only as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, childbirth educator and doula (what mother commited to breastfeeding her baby would not like the assurance of knowing that her doula is an IBCLC?), but also as a certifying organization and consultant for birth and medical professionals across the country . Her doula certification program far exceeds any other programs available. While other doula programs require only attendence of three births for certification, Kathy’s program requires a minimum of 10 births and 150 contact hours, as well as a commitment to true professionalism and the ability support a woman and her family in any birth environment. Her Certified Childbirth Consultants are specialists extensively trained and are among the very best in their field. Kathy Bradley’s Childbirth Concierges truly does deliver your peace of mind”.

Michelle Smith, Owner-- Birth Ease Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support and HypnoBirthing Orlando
“Kathy is a tremendous provider for our patients; working tirelessly in many ways towards bettering the care they receive. Her educational efforts have done much to help women navigate their pregnancies more easily and with less anxiety. It is a pleasure to work with her and I am always confident that good work is being done for our patients when Kathy is involved”.Dr. Tory Halschott-Orlando, FL
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“I have worked in women’s health for over 32 years, the majority of this in Labor and Delivery and all of this in a hospital setting. I have had the privilege to witness and hear first hand from families that worked with Kathy Bradley to provide the birthing experience they desire. Kathy’s role and reputation as a Doula is to provide exceptional care in supporting mothers to find the strength they didn’t think they had and provide families with an experience they will remember forever. At the same time, she is respected by the hospital providers, staff and administration as she recognizes her role in the hospital environment but advocates for her clients. For most women, the birth of a child is their first experience with healthcare workers and hospitals. It is our responsibility to ensure this is a positive experience as this shapes women’s beliefs and opinions for all future hospitalizations…Kathy Bradley of Childbirth Concierge understands this and has committed her life to making a positive difference and contribution for all women! Job Well Done! ” Cathie Brazel,RN, BSN, MHA, CPHQ former Administrator of Obstetrics at Winnie Palmer Hospital and current AVP of Clinical Operations at GMC
“I have known and loved Kathy for 5 years now! I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing her work with her clients on many occasions on the labor and delivery unit where I work as an RN. She has an incredible rapport with everyone she takes care of and provides the best collaborative care with other providers and staff. Her depth of knowledge is almost instinctual and how she sincerely cares for her clients is almost unparalleled. When I think about Kathy I think about positivity, strength, and a genuine belief in women. She is not only amazing with pregnant and laboring moms, she takes incredible care of them in the post partum period. She inspires me to want to take care of women for the rest of my life!! She’s honestly and truly one of my favorite birthy people on the planet”!Aubry Engert, RN (Soon to be Certified Nurse Midwife)
“While others were satisfied with bringing a passion for working with mothers and babies, Kathy has always brought a professionalism to the field of maternal-child health and she understands the importance of creating and maintaining those professional standards. I enjoy Kathy’s dedication, creativity and her relentless pursuit of improving services for new families”.Health Scientist, SID Initiative at Centers for Disease Control-L. Camperligo, PhD