Sleep Consultants-Breastfeeding Friendly

  • Our goal is to help you understand sleep patterns and actually get some sleep.
  • Learn about how your new baby is sleeping.
  • How to manage expectations.
  • Understand developmental milestones.
  • Help you understand that there are answers and youare not going crazy

It is suggested to have a consult prior to baby arriving! However if baby is here and you want to know more or are frustrated after trying different things. Just reach out and chat with our specialist.

  • Our Most common Newborn Sleep Info Session $60: This is the perfect package for soon to be or new parents still in the newborn stage of infancy!This session is your roadmap to surviving the newborn sleep stage. Get started on the right foot so that when it comes time to set a sleep routine in place, you will be ready to rock and roll…or nap!.
  • Sweet Dreams Virtual Light Support Package $275 (for children 6m to 6 years): 1 hour phone or Facetime consultation, in depth review of your intake form, review of sleep space, personalized sleep plan tailored to your child and family, two weeks text support (on call from 9am-9pm, Heidi will be on hand for bedtime advice as you need it during the bedtime routine) and up to 3 scheduled 15 minute calls.


This is not considered Nanny Care or Housekeeping.

  • Common misconceptions about Sleep Consultants:
    • Sleep Consultants will promote formula feeing
    • They are too expensive.
    • They believe in “cry it out” only method

    Still not 100% sure, give us a call we would love to chat.