Doula Services

“The BEST decision we made was to hire a doula! Childbirth Concierge’s Doula Service experience is to promote and support a wonderful and fulfilling birth experience due to knowledge, honesty, trustworthiness, and constancy was amazing. In addition, Kathy’s ability to communicate with birth/labor and delivery healthcare professionals makes for a transparent birth experience. She is an excellent medical liaison. Before, during, and after your delivery Kathy is dependable and always available (or will get back to you right away) for questions and/or concerns. Also, because Kathy is a certified and experienced lactation consultant, my son and I now have a stronger and amazing breastfeeding bond!! Kathy greatly contributed to my incredible delivery and I look forward to having her by my side for my second birth!”

-T.Hudson – First time parent

  • Our goal is to help you work toward the birth you desire.
  • Medical studies show a reduction hours of labor, pain medication requested and c-section, as well as overall satisfaction with labor.
  • Offer non- medical prenatal visits to get to know whats important to you.
  • Provide early labor support by phone.
  • Join you once active labor begins.
  • Provide continuity of care till baby arrives.
  • Offer suggestions, and information to empower you
  • Bedside breastfeeding support up to 1-2 hrs post delivery.
  • Pregnant families hire doulas at all gestational ages.  We believe the earlier the better, but do our best to accommodate those that reach out late in pregnancy.
  • Once contracted, it is best to have your prenatal(s) completed by about 37 weeks.

Being a concierge service, we customize to your specific needs. After all, we’re all about helping you plan a positive birth and delivering your peace of mind. Packages start at $895 for a Certified Doula and go up based on number and type of visits.

We are happy to offer customized payment plans, along with 6 months 0% interest financing for qualifying applicants.

  • When hiring a doula you are employing their years of experience and the ability to articulate that experience appropriately before and during your birth.
  • They are on-call for you, and only take a certain number of births a month.

Doula Interns (Doulas in training) are available starting at $550.00. If you are experiencing financial challenges please lets us know so we can work with you.


Common misconceptions about doulas:

  • If your planning on an epidural you don’t need to hire a doula.
  • Doulas only support natural labor.
  • They are too expensive.
  • They will take the place of my partner.

Still not 100% sure, give us a call we would love to chat.