Postpartum-After Baby Arrives

There is nothing more yummy than a warm squishy baby, but we certainly understand when you need just a little help with postpartum support!

Our postpartum support…your peace of mind!


When you are overwhelmed or just need a little bit of help, our postpartum support can make life a bit more enjoyable. Also known as baby nurses, postpartum doulas offer non-medical care and support to help transition the new family.  In our mobile society, new parents are often away from helpful family members, and this is the perfect service to help you become comfortable with all the care your new little one requires.  This postpartum support transitional service offers:

  • Mother Care
  • Newborn Care
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Light meal preparation
  • Light house keeping
  • Errands
  • Grocery Shopping

The more lead time we have the better! We work really hard at placing the right postpartum doula(s) in your home to help you have a satisfying postpartum experience. Based on the nature of this work it requires flexibility on both the postpartum doula and the new family since the majority of babies come when they are ready.

  • Day Rate is $29 per hour (twins $35) 7AM to 6 PM
  • Night Rate is $32 per hour (twins$38) 6PM-7AM, weekends and holidays
  • $75 Emergancy Placement fee if needing care within 48 hrs of signing a contract.
  • Minimum contract rate is for 32 hrs of total care