Childbirth Classes in Orlando-In Person

Childbirth Classes in Orlando-In Person

Childbirth Classes in Orlando

We are back teaching expectant parents in person in the Downtown Delany Park OBGYN office.  Open to all expectant parents no matter where you are scheduled to deliver.

Often times I hear pregnant moms say “I don’t need to go to childbirth class I am going to use an epidural”.  It is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about childbirth class that exist. Before the electronic era and wide spread use of pain medication for pain control, the common way expectant parents could learn about what was going to happen to them during birth was to attend a childbirth class. Over the years the childbirth classes have seen a decline in attendance. Yet a lot of people spend more time and resources researching how to remodel a bathroom or kitchen then learning about bringing a baby into the world.

Think About Your Birth Goals

I always love to ask the question “how do you see yourself giving birth”?    You have most likely played many different scenarios through your head.  Do you want to labor without pain relief medications or do you want an epidural?  There is no right or wrong.  Taking the time to identify what resonates with you helps begin to paint a picture of important items for your experience.   I encourage parents-to-be to list out ten things that are important to you for your baby’s birth. Once you have your 10, then narrow it down to your top 5.

Interact with Childbirth Experts

It is true that babies will come into this world without their parents taking a class on “childbirth”.  After all, childbirth classes didn’t exist 100 plus years ago as we know them and babies still arrived. Fast forward to a very busy society where 80% to 90% of laboring patients use epidurals.  C-section rates are the highest they have ever been across the United States.  Learning from a childbirth expert  in childbirth classes about what you can do to increase your chances of a positive birth experience is worth your time and money. You also have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want.

For those with busy schedules, private classes are the perfect option and are not as expensive as you might think. Most classes whether group or private should cover basic items.  Topics of when to go to the hospital or birth center, stages and phases of labor, basic terminology, comfort measures, partner tips, interventions. Some classes include newborn care and breastfeeding.

If you are undecided about attending class be sure to read this blog about Planning a Positive Birth Experience

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Spanning a 33-year career in the maternal health field, Kathy is an industry pioneer and the visionary behind Childbirth Concierge.  She honors all journeys to parenthood and feeding, and is committed to ensuring that parents feel seen, heard and valued while in her care.   As a mother of five herself, Kathy has considerable experience in preparing for the birth and care of newborns, and helps to empower parents by delivering peace of mind during what can at times be a challenging situation.  A born educator, she is in her element teaching new parents and health professionals.  She worked 14 years in Maternal Health at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando and is a self-proclaimed “Birth JUNKIE”.