Sleep. Everyone loves sleep. Especially parents of a newborn baby! Just ask any mom or dad that has brought home a baby within the last couple months how important sleep is to them. As adults, our bodies have adjusted to sleep patterns.  It takes an infant’s body much longer to be able to sleep through the night!  And by the way what does “sleep through the night” really mean anyway?  Immense exhaustion and fatigue  leads to frustration and life can become overwhelming in a matter of sleepless nights. Some families  try to “train” their newborn to sleep though the night without understanding normal sleep patterns.  Additionally there are a sleep training methods out there that may not always best support the breastfeeding infant and can actually contribute to shortened duration of breast-feeding times.

Some methods and tips that work well and are more healthy for parents and babies! Consider the following tips to  help  take back your sleep. Jamie Ortiz, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant shares her top tips for parents of newborns.


Jamie says, “it was very loud in the womb so babies are used to sound. To keep their ears safe, keep it lower than 70 decibles and running for all sleep periods.” This is also great to keep sudden noises at bay that can startle them.


There’s not much light in the womb and babies don’t produce melatonin until about 4 months of age. A pitch black room helps circadian rhythms and keeps out light that’s distracting. Let’s simulate the womb!


“Newborns need to be put down every 30-90 minutes.” This prevents them from being overtired. Once they get overtired it can take A LONG time for those hormone levels to come down.

Good Feedings!

Making sure your baby is satisfied before nap or bedtime is also an important piece to the happy sleep puzzle, so be sure they’re eating enough calories.

If you would like additional support to get more sleep, reach out. Jamie is also certified for fostered and adopted children.

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Jamie Ortiz

“Let’s get better sleep, together!”

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant